Balanced Diet PPT: What, Components, Importance

Balanced Diet PPT: What, Components, Importance

A diet is everything we eat in a day. And a well-balanced diet is one that provides an ample quantity of the nutrients we need each day. Fats, proteins, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Vitamins, and Minerals are the six main nutrients found in a well-balanced diet.

All of these nutrients can be found in the meals we eat. Different foods have different proportions of nutrients. The nutritional needs of a person are determined by his or her age, gender, and overall health.

Importance of balanced diet:

  1. A well-balanced diet promotes both physical and mental well-being.
  2. It aids in the correct development of the organism.
  3. It also boosts one’s ability to work.
  4. A well-balanced diet boosts your body’s ability to fight or resist sickness.

Components balanced diet:

  1. Fats: Fats are responsible for a portion of our energy requirements. Fatty foods such as butter, ghee, oil, cheese, and others include fats.
  • Proteins: Proteins are required for growth and to heal the body’s wear and tear. Protein also aids with muscular growth. It can be found in dairy products, sprouts, beef, eggs, and chicken, among other things.
  • provide the energy we require to process information. Carbohydrates provide us with energy. Carbohydrates are present in rice, wheat, chapati, and bread, among other foods. Cereals are a cornerstone in our diet.
  • all help the body fight sickness. It’s mostly found in vegetables and fruits. Mineral deficiency disorders such as anemia, goiter, and others can result from a shortage of minerals in the body.

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