Biodiversity PPT: Meaning, Types and Importance

Biodiversity PPT: Meaning, Types and Importance

The variety of living species on Earth — plants, animals, and microorganisms – as well as the ecosystems they generate, is referred to as biodiversity. All living organisms that dwell in a stable community and interact with one another and their physical surroundings are referred to be ecosystems. Biodiversity refers to the diversity of species within and between ecosystems, including terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. To thrive, ecosystems require a diverse and well-balanced population of species.

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Types of Biodiversity:

Biodiversity is classified into three categories: genetic diversity within species, species diversity across species, and ecological diversity between habitats.

  1. Genetic Variation: Through genetic linkages, every species on Earth is related to every other species. The closer two species are genetical, the more genetic information they share and the more similar they appear. Members of an organism’s own species, or organisms with which it has the potential to mate and have children, are its closest relatives. For example, a single eastern grey squirrel shares the majority of its genes with other eastern grey squirrels.
  2. Diverse Species: The variety of species found within a habitat or region is referred to as species diversity. Species are the basic units of biological taxonomy and, as a result, the standard unit for measuring biological diversity.
  3. Ecosystem diversity: The intricate network of various species presents in particular ecosystems, as well as the dynamic interplay between them, is referred to as ecological diversity. An ecosystem is made up of organisms from various species living in close proximity to a given area

Importance of Biodiversity:

  1. Biodiversity is essential for the survival of human communities all over the world. We rely on it for long-term food production, clean air and water, medicine, and shelter.
  2. Biodiversity enriches our lives on a global scale, with economic, cultural, recreational, religious, and aesthetic value.

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