Crisis Intervention ppt: Types, Techniques and Goals

Crisis Intervention ppt: Types, Techniques and Goals

Crisis intervention is an urgent and impermanent care which is given to a person for reducing the mental, emotional, damage to an individual affected by the crisis. It is like an aid which is firstly provide to the individual in order to stop the permanent loss of mental health or trauma. 

There are so many crisis interventions which are conducted by certified counselors at clinics and hospitals. It offers an interim intervention to help patients get assistance and support.

Types of crisis intervention

1. Situational crisis

2. Adventitious crisis

3. Developmental crisis

1. Situational crisis

  Situational crisis are that crises which comes without are beyond the expectation and cannot be control by the individual. These are the crisis which are naturally comes to an individual’s life. For example sudden death of your dear one, losing job,

2. Adventurous crisis

These are the crisis which are very rare to expect and which is not a part of daily life like flood, earthquake, fires, wars and riots etc.

3. Development crisis

Development crisis are those crisis which indicates the development and growth in the life of a person. These crises are the symbol of progress and happiness in the life of an individual like birth of a child, marriage, retirement and other events which shows the progressive period.

Techniques of crisis intervention


When a patient talks about feelings and about his emotional charged areas.


When there is an encouragement to the patient to express very clearly the relation between some events.


For use the patients feelings, wishes to benefits the person in therapeutic process.

Self esteem

For the patient retake the feelings for self worth

Solutions exploration

Searching and examine the new ideas to solve the urgent problems.

Goals of crisis intervention

 The main goal is to reduce the mental stress of an individual from a crisis and also help to the individual to the same level which was before the crisis.

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