Demography PPT: Concept, Importance, Scope

Demography PPT, Concept, Importance, Scope Free Download: The statistical analysis of human populations is known as demography. The investigation of population size, structure, and movement over time and space is known as demography. It makes use of tools from historiography, economics, anthropology, sociology, and other fields. Demography is crucial for governments and businesses because it allows them to assess and forecast inhabitants’┬ásocial, cultural, and economic developments.

Demography PPT: Concept: Importance, Scope

Demographers primarily collect information from government censuses as well as birth and death registrations. These sources, however, may be incorrect depending on the clarity of official records. Demographers sometimes gather information indirectly by assessing limited groups of individuals within a bigger population. These samples are then analyzed statistically to make conclusions about the entire population.

Demography PPT, Concept, Importance, Scope Free Download

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