Food Additives PPT: What, Why and Types

Food Additives PPT: What, Why and Types

What are Food Additives:

Chemicals used in food additives keep foods fresh or improve their appearance, taste, or texture. Food colorings (such as tartrazine or cochineal), flavor enhancers (such as MSG), and a variety of preservatives are all included in additives. The majority of food additives, along with other ingredients, are mentioned on the product label in descending order by weight (flavours are an exception and do not need to be identified). Some food additives cause sensitivity in a tiny percentage of persons.

Why Food Additives are Used:

Food Additives are used for the following purposes listed below:

1) Supplement with vitamins and minerals

2) maintain quality

3) assist in the production or preparation of food

4) make flavours or colors more vibrant

TYPES of Food Additives:

  1. Anti-caking chemicals prevent substances from lumping together.
  2. Antioxidants protect foods from oxidation, or rancidity.
  3. Increase the sweetness with artificial sweeteners.
  4. Emulsifiers are substances that prevent fats from clumping together.
  5. Maintain the proper acid balance with food acids.
  6. Colors can be used to enhance or add colour.
  7. Humectants are substances that make food wet.
  8. Flavors are used to enhance the flavour of the dish.
  9. Flavour enhancers boost the intensity of a flavour.
  10. Maintain consistent aeration of gases in foods with foaming agents.
  11. Mineral salts improve the texture and flavour of foods.
  12. Preservatives are substances that prevent bacteria from proliferating and destroying food.
  13. Texture and consistency are improved with thickeners and vegetable gums.
  14. Maintain uniform food dispersion with stabilisers and firming agents.
  15. Treatment with flour improves the quality of the baked goods.
  16. Glazing agent – enhances the appearance and protects the food.
  17. Gelling agents change the texture of meals by forming a gel.
  18. Propellants are substances that aid in the release of food from a container.

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