How Can Technology Eliminate Poverty? 8 Points to Notice

We are the best generation of the history that we are blessed with the advancement of technology. Those were the days when there was no connection between the countries and only few people were fortunate to visit other countries and learn other cultures and tradition.

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Also if one had to talk to someone leaving far from him then letters were the only mean to communicate. Then there were telephones but still communication was restricted to just a small area.

Now internet has solved this problem of connectivity, just by sitting at home, you can now learn about the whole world. You can make friends and relationships with other people by using social media websites. Also there are many platforms where everyone shares their talent and build their own community. This technology can do a lot more things that we cannot even imagine. So what we are going to discuss here is the benefits of technology in eliminating poverty.

How Can Technology Eliminate Poverty? 8 Points to Notice

At the end of this article you will be able to say that in coming few years’ technology will surely eliminate poverty and everyone will leave a prosperous life. Let’s learn how technology can do this tough task with some solid reasons.

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New Opportunities

There is no limit how much one can earn from the internet and technology has made it so simple. There are so many opportunities for everyone that if you start searching on the internet that how to earn money from internet then you will get thousands of results showing various ways to earn money. By this, even a person from small town can earn money and also it will help in eliminating poverty.

Talent First

Those days has gone far when only few kids were allowed to study in the big schools and institutes. Yes of course that culture still exists in the society but if you have a talent then there is no restriction for you show it to others. Go to any social media and create your account. By just uploading your content over there you can earn a lot of money. And if you can earn money by just doing this then you can lead to a great life soon.

Easy Skills development

If you don’t have any skill and still you want to learn and earn from this emerging technology then still the ball is in your court. There are many platforms where you can develop a new skill or learn something new. For examples, if you want to learn coding then you don’t need to take admission in an expensive college or institute, you can learn any kind of thing with the help of internet. And if you can learn anything then for sure you will be able to earn money as well.

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Best Knowledge Base

Learn about history of your country, economics, geography, computer science and anything you want. There is a big knowledge base present on the internet. There is no limit of legit data on the internet. One can be the master of any field by just sitting at home. And there is so much need of masters in the field of technology where they get a handsome salary.

Donation and Fund raising for Poor

As technology has given us so many resources to earn money and still someone find it difficult to raise money for the poor. Then there are so many kind people on the internet, if someone is dealing with a serious problem then he/ she can urge for a donation. Definitely people are ready to help poor guys with donation. And if this start happening then with the help of NGO’s poverty will be eliminated be soon.

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Filling the gap between rich and poor

In the field of technology, no one is poor and no one is rich. Everyone will be given a fair chance to prove his/her ability. If you are capable of doing something big then this opportunity of going big is not restricted to only for the wealthy people. There are so many examples of poor guys who made this possible to enter in the list of fortune companies. Their story is so inspiring that we don’t find any reasons that technology cannot remove poverty.

Learn from your Home

As we have discussed earlier, that by sitting at home one can learn anything happening in the market. People in the remote and difficult to access areas can learn with the help of e-learning platforms. Overall training is done through online learning method. Technology is the only thing that could have solved this problem and so as of poverty.

Mobile Banking

The problem of transferring fund has been solved with the help of mobile banking. Now poor don’t need any physical band to make urgent transactions. There are so many UPI apps where one only needs to scan the code and payment is done. Also there is no transaction fee anyone has to pay. And if billing and doing transaction is so easy then even a layman can do business and feed his family easily. So how there can be any space for poverty.

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Finally we can say that technology is growing day by day and so we are all are growing. Due to technology the way we see the world has totally changed. If you still are fighting with poverty then the only reason is you. Yes of course, there are many other problems that technology cannot help with but still technology has given everyone a fair chance to come out of the poverty.

So it was all about how technology can eliminate poverty. If you have any questions then please comment below. And if you liked our article then please share it with your friends and dear ones.

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