How is Digital Education not Good for Kids?

Whether you can call it remote learning, or online education or distance learning, school is so different these days from home. However some of the students are thriving with such a way of learning but many students do not seem to be into it. Some students do not attend class all the time and every day. The other students who always have good attendance are not turning in their school work more than the bare minimum amount.  Thus, what is holding a student from not getting engaged into the school work?

How is Digital Education not Good for Kids?

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How is Digital Education not Good for Kids?

A deep research shows that all students who are really interacted to preserve rather than all challenges. Engaged students are curious & attentive. They find some meaning in all learnings of their study whether the classroom is brick & mortar or might be virtual. Here, we have five most possible barriers in the engagement of the students during online learning and some ways can also help. Let us take a look at these below.

Stay in front of the computer is Rubbish

In the real-time scenario, all children are needed to attend all classes on the online platforms. It means that they have to sit in front of the computer screen and keep the camera on all the time for the entire class duration. It allows an instructor to keep an eye on each person while doing studies and they are not always pleased with what exactly they see.

Let us be honest! None of us can undergo an hour of a class without getting distracted or getting tired for a short period. Sometimes, you feel tired or sleepy, then kids can’t do that while attending online classes. If you want to either yawn or get related, then you cannot do that just because of a secret eye on you all the time.

Video Conferencing can be glitchy

Technical issues are always a valid reason to not go for video conferences. In a twenty students class, someone may tackle technical or network issues all the time while attending or logging in. Even the best-ever internet provider can’t assure high connectivity all the time and any person can face technical difficulty. It would always drop off video conferences while attending classes.

But the worst thing is that it makes the student’s collaboration even impossible. Some students might have good internet connections that others might not have. Certain kids might have some tech problems more than the others. Moreover, apps such as Zoom, Skype and others are not so perfect and can be a failure at some point of time.

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Support & Structure requirement

Most of the students depend on the support & structure of a face to face school to assist them to stay on assignments track. Online learning indicates students are to be too independent & responsible for the entire learning. Families may try to make efforts but most of us are trying to shuffle work while other kids are learning at the comfort of their home.

When the students get off track and miss a very few assignments, it may be a difficult task to catch it up. They may just not get engaged instead. The only thing to try is to upfront all work-related policies and grading.

Shortage of Resources

How can you complete all your Chemistry assignments when it comes to practical ones while doing Zoom meetings? You can read and write but all practical tasks pose a different challenge. Even if you can set up all phones or laptops properly to let other people see others properly while doing so then people do not have any chance to make corrections at all. It makes the entire online classes somehow worthless, and but it has some safety problems.

The traditional education system does not have any proper resources for fulfilling all practical works. No person was expecting this pandemic situation all around, so we cannot blame any person or the government for this situation. The bottom line here is that we do not have what we exactly require the most. Schools are highly equipped with all theoretical classes along with practical labs and that is not good enough when it comes to online classes.

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Not accessible content

Making sure all materials are highly accessible can be a foremost challenge whether all learners are getting online or opting for paper pockets. If the students are not at all comfy with the system when you are using that they should avoid it the most. It takes a lot of time to set up some norms as well as practices with an updated system especially when it includes all technologies.

In some other cases, the content is presented in some new ways that keeps children for accessibility. For example, students who are struggling to process all auditory information that might have some issues with video-based lessons. Students who require some visual support with the directions as well as directions.

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