Impact of Technology on Children (Good or Bad)

Are you a parent of a child? Then, you might want to know what actually a technology does to the life of a child, either miserable or better. Before exploring all pros and cons of technology on children, we have to shed light on the term “Technology”. Let us begin with the terminology first below.

“Technology is referred to as the abilities, methods, knowledge & techniques needed to produce some tools & equipment for fulfilling the needs of people.”

Impact of Technology on Children (Good or Bad)

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Almost no one can imagine their lives without technology. Depending on the definition as given, we might think of focusing on some positive effects related to technology but we can also feel the cons of using technology due to unconscious or inappropriate use.

Impact of Technology on Children (Good or Bad)

Here, we have some of the pros & cons of using technology for children which are given as follows. Let us pen down all below.

Good Impact of Technology on Children

  1. Enhance learning: over the past few years, the technology has integrated with the classrooms to provide a new and enhanced experience to the children. Some technologies like smartphones, Apple Tvs, document cameras and other 3D printers are now a part of the education world to boost student engagement and collaboration in the process of learning. With an increase in the collaboration, teachers as well as students have all creative opportunities and some other learning opportunities that can add meaning to the academic instructions.

In addition to this, home-based educational technologies have helped toddler children in the learning process such as letters, colors, numbers and some foundational skills before they get into the formal schooling. Mobile apps such as Moose Math, Metamorphabet and others are recommended by a lot of parents for Mathematics introduction and even the art before the children get admission into the school.

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  1. Fosters problem-solving skills: Are you aware of survival mode? If not, then let me explain about the same. It is a gameplay functionality in most of the video games for kids where all players need to stay alive as l;ong as they can to outlast their opponent. To exemplify, in some of the popular games like Minecraft, players are all dropped into some new & different environments and immediately create a shelter and gather items such as food, to survive and outlive all opponents. Not to mention, a whole day in Minecraft can lasts for just ten minutes so the players must make some better decisions as quickly as possible.

With the help of all these technologies, children must work on their own to accomplish a particular goal. In the whole process, they are posed with all different roadblock types along with challenges that they must learn for navigation and overcoming. In return, they are all motivated to use their problem-solving skills while tackling with the real-life issues like arguments with friends, personal hardships, trouble in homework and so on.

  1. Develops some technological leaders: It is worth noting that our future is based on the use of technologies and it is important to learn all technological skills to grow a career in future. The major benefit here is that the children will get exposed to technology and will be well-prepared for their future to grab some technology-based jobs. Such jobs can be high paid and also bring in something new for children.

With the large technological firms such as Amazon has a lot of jobs available that comprise emerging technological areas all across the globe. Tech jobs are available here and all of them will be available tomorrow as well. Who is going to grab such job positions? the one who knows how technology works.

Bad Impact of Technology on Children

  1. Diminishes all relationships and social skills: Being a child, the use of mobile phones can help the children to stay connected with their kith and kin rather than dedicating time physically with them. They are more likely to send a text message, chat on social platforms, and connect via online gaming podiums than the actual meetings with persons.

Due to overuse of technology, Social communication abilities are so much in jeopardy. All these skills can be honed and developed with the continuous use of technology and known ways to take a turn while engaged into a conversation through the use of emojis. It has changed the way of interaction and speaking like how to talk with an adult and baby & trying to make proper eye contact during the conversation. Personal interactions are restricted to children.

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  1. Health issues: An unnecessary use of technology such as mobile devices can also be so harmful to the children’s health as the more they are using mobile devices, there are less physical activities they do. Additionally, when a child wants to play online or on the mobile device, then they might get some mindless snacking and some other unhealthy habits.

If the children spend more time using mobile devices and sit on the couch for most of the time, then they have less time for physical activities such as playing, jogging, running and so on. As the time passes, all these activities get converted into habits and lead to some significant gain of weight and some other associated health issues.

  1. Getting less sleep: A study shows that if children use technological devices while in bed, then it reduces the chances of getting sleep by two times and not getting sufficient sleep as required. Therefore, it is better not to use mobile devices during sleep hours as it deviates from the quality of sleep and leads to some health issues.

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Wrapping up: Children and technology

Therefore, is technology bad or good for Children? Simply put, it relies on the way of upbringing and how you are introducing all contents to your kid. Keep in mind all pros and cons of technology and the internet. In such a way, the kids can take all the benefits of the technology but also eliminate the negative effects of it. Therefore, keep a control on the usage of devices and technology for kids and keep them safe as much as possible.

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