Is Robotics a Good Career: Pros and Cons

Becoming a Robotic Engineer can help you out to work in an ample number of industries & earn some extra bucks along with a competitive pay. But as like some other positions, there are some positives and negatives attached to this career field as well. Engineering needs extensive education along with proper training but the job proffers a lot of growth opportunities with creativity. Understanding all positives and negatives of the career as a Robotic Engineer can be helpful to decide whether the field is a good choice or not.

Is Robotics a Good Career: Pros and Cons

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Is Robotics a Good Career: Pros and Cons

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Here, in this article, we are going to shed light on all pros and cons of Robotic Engineering which are worth knowing before commencing a career in this field. Let us begin below.

An outline of Robotic Engineer

Simply put, a robotics engineer is a pro who works in designing, building and implementing the robotics solutions all around the industry. The cerations are used in various types of applications such as manufacturing, retail, space exploration, and some other mining firms and they assist automate some mundane tasks. These engineers are responsible for the systems and use of some skills such as engineering, problem-solving and creativity to create the best designs ever. Robotics Engineer almost works full-time.

Negatives and Positives of becoming a Robotics Engineer

A career in the field of Robotics Engineering can provide you with a lot of benefits as well as challenges. Relying on the specialization, you can work on the projects that assist to shape the future of this technology. Consider all these benefits of a Robotics career as listed below.

  1. Competitive Salary: Typically, Robotics Engineer can earn a good salary package in the entry-level positions. The average salary ought to be $89, 984 for each year and it does not include any bonuses or taxes. Most grab specific certifications to work on some other extensive projects and it tends to help them to get good salaries. The employment city might affect the salary due to available companies or some region. It is a competitive field with different opportunities to advance your career and earnings.
  2. Creativity: A robotic engineering field revolves around innovation as it is easy to design some complex robotics systems to sort out all unique issues. Most of the engineers find that the only part of passion in this field is the freedom of creativity and can express freely within the boundaries of the projects to solve some issues that have arisen. Solving some problems can give you a sense of satisfaction and career fulfillment. The career allows you to get a creative circle, as you can sort problems, imagine some design solutions and also, create designs along with its modification.
  3. Various job opportunities: Robotics is required in many industries and it increases the chances of grabbing more job opportunities. Some of the industries might offer a high salary package for some complex work. For instance, a Robotics Engineer working in the mining industries can earn more as compared to the one who is working in the field of retailing.
  4. Active working environment: Typically, Engineers can spend a lot of time walking as they design and evaluate in the lab or in the area of production. Working on feet keeps the professional active rather than the one who is always sitting at one place. However, if you want, then you can spend some time at your desk as well.

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Challenges for Robotics career

Here are some challenges that a Robotics Professional always goes through while in the field of Robotics. Consider some of them as enlisted below.

  1. Extensive Education: Typically, engineering needs a bachelor’s degree in Robotics that takes not less than four years. It requires some ability to pay for such traditional courses along with textbooks and lodging. You may need to take some loan to pay for your studies and it creates debt. Also, it is not enough to get bachelor’s as master’s is required to level up your career with additional study for one to two years.
  2. High-pressure working: Working as a Robotics Engineer is not such an easy task as it requires long hours standing and some extensive projects that adds pressure. You might need to work during weekends and holidays sometimes and thus, it adds extra hours to achieve the project’s deadline. Most of the engineers learn as well as practice some of the stress management techniques to assist to maintain a balance between work and life.
  3. Hazardous workspace: Typically, Engineering needs some manual work with help of power tools and some hand tools. You may need to operate some heavy equipment and that may be exposed to some hazards as related to the environment. However, most firms always focus on the safety standards for each zone, so chances are less for any accident.
  4. Not adequate diversity: Some engineering professionals feel like there is a lack of gender and some racial diversity around the engineering field that causes some challenges. Insufficient diversity may result in narrowed perspective with reduction in creativity; however, great levels of diversity may result in an inclusive attitude of working.
  5. Creative liability: Often, engineers are highly responsible for the whole design that they create, both in design failures or success. To exemplify, if an engineer designs a robotic system that assists in controlling the production outputs at the factory & the failures of the system and may also be liable to damage the system. When liability is vital, then most of the employers have their protections to shield both employees as well as firm from some exceptional liabilities.

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Wrapping Up

At the end of the article, no doubt, there are numerous opportunities in the field of Robotics and it has a long list of pros as well. But some downsides are also here that we have to bear in mind. Thus, it is better to understand all of them and better to tackle all of them.

Robotics Engineering is a very reputable field but it needs efforts and focus to become successful in this field.

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