Population Explosion PPT: Cause, Effects, Solutions

Population Explosion PPT: Cause, Effects, Solutions

The number of people living in a given area is referred to as a population explosion. It is a significant problem for poorer countries. Furthermore, the government is not doing much to address this problem. Furthermore, it causes a slew of challenges throughout the country, causing a slew of problems for citizens. For instance, it is a condition in which the economy is unable to meet the rising demand of the population.

Cause of Population Explosion:

  1. Increased birth rate- The birth rate is quickly growing due to a lack of control over delivery and public knowledge. 
  2. Infant mortality rate reduction- Mortality rate refers to the number of infants under the age of six months that die. We have been able to reduce this rate thanks to research and technology.
  3. Immigration: Unchecked immigration into countries may result in overpopulation to the point that those countries’ populations outnumber their resources. 
  4. Other Overpopulation causes are largely linked to poverty, inadequate medical access, poor contraceptive use, etc.

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Effects of Population Explosion:

the population boom has an impact on natural resources and many sectors of the economy like:

  1. Unemployment- As the population grows, the need for work and employment grows as well. However, millions of Indians are unemployed due to a lack of resources and job possibilities. Furthermore, the rate of unemployment is increasing by the day. To deal with this issue, the majority of individuals are traveling to other nations in search of better career prospects.
  2. Poverty- Due to the enormous population, there are many people who live below the poverty line and are unaware of the country’s overpopulation. They are also a crucial factor in the high birth rate.

Solution of Population Explosion:

The government can take some steps to increase population awareness and availability of contraceptives, and policies can aid in a population explosion.

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