Sampling ppt: What is it, Examples, Why it is needed

Sampling ppt: What is it, Examples, Why it is needed

The process of selecting a group of individuals from a population to study and characterize the population as a whole is known as sampling. The population contains all members of a specific group, as well as all conceivable outcomes or metrics of interest. The precise population will be determined by the scope of the investigation. The sample is made up of observations drawn from the population, forming a subset of the population. The sample is the set of items that took part in the investigation. The sample frame is the information that locates and specifies the universe’s dimensions.

A good sample should meet the following criteria:

  • Representativeness: The sample should be as representative of the population being studied as possible.
  • Accuracy: The degree to which bias is absent from the sample is characterized as accuracy. A representative (accurate) sample is one that accurately represents the population.
  • Size: A good sample must be large enough and reliable.

Example of Sampling:

  • You are researching Company X’s working conditions. Your population consists of the company’s entire 1000-person workforce. Your sampling frame is the company’s HR database, which contains the names and contact information of all employees.
  • The group maintains offices in 10 cities throughout the United States (all with around the same number of staff in similar roles). Because you don’t have the resources to visit every office to collect data, you utilize random sampling to select three offices — these are your clusters.

Why sampling is required:

Because it is impossible to obtain the data from the entire population, sampling is used. Even with tiny populations, data may be required quickly, and incorporating everyone in the community in your data gathering process may take too long to provide various forms of statistical information of a qualitative or quantitative nature about the entire.

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