How Leaders Can Upgrade Employee Productivity in a Remote Area?

After years of working at a brick and mortar job place, now it is highly recommended to work from home and don’t go for any in-person work. All the tiring & in-person daily office routines, brainstorming sessions, and other conversations at water spots were not a part of the work anymore.

Without any preparation at all, we have entered a grand experiment on how some companies can run their operations from home. Managers as well as employees had to learn something on the spot on how to convert their in-office activities into virtual ones. Most of us continue to determine these things out.

How Leaders Can Upgrade Employee Productivity in a Remote Area?

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When the team is all virtual, then there is no need to go to the desk to keep a check on them. Then, how do you know whether they are productive anymore or not? Fortunately, there are numerous strategies to consider to ensure that the team stays so productive when doing work from home.

How Leaders Can Upgrade Employee Productivity in a Remote Area?

Here, we have some ways through which leaders can easily use to keep their employees productive which are given as follows:

Provide Autonomy

Most of the managers succeed in an office environment as they are around people physically. They can walk to the desk of each employee to keep a check on them and ask some questions. If there is any problem, then they can quickly hurdle up with the entire team and discuss it. These dynamics do not work at all through that remote work environment. With employees being not in front of the eyes, you may be tempted to slack off on messages to the team to know what is the progress at work. Not only you are taking time as they type some updates and the context switching that can have focus.

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Instead, you require to evolve the style of employment by building a strong trust among the employees and providing them a great level of autonomy. In fact, job place that can give all their employees a great freedom to complete the whole work with full job satisfaction.

Rather than keep regular checking on the employees, then define all motives, mention deadlines as well as updates. Commence trusting that the employees can do all work successfully when they are working from their place without any constant checking.

Create a great working environment

Most of the companies invest in the offices to establish an environment that seems welcoming where all employees are excited to go & work effectively. You may get invested in some facilities such as standing desk or some extra computer screens. Some studies show that well-designed spaces for offices can improve all employee’s productivity and well-being.

This ought to be no distinction for home-based offices. You want amm employees to have a separate palace and equipment where they can keep their work in progress and maximize productivity as much as they can. You do not want them in a  dark area like basements, for instance. Provide all employees some tips on how to maintain a working environment from finding a room with a better natural light to putting some plants in the office. Motivate them to remove some distractions and be organized that will improve the ability to deliver some projects before the deadline.

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More significantly, invest as well as subsidize in the home office of the employee. Make it like a no brainer thing for them. Purchase a standing desk converter or a monitor. This will make the employees more productive and also, care for them and collect loyalty. 

Try tracking tools for times

Relies on what sort of the company you operate, you may not want to consider tracking on time tools such as Time Doctor that helps to manage and track all remote team members. These tools can provide you a very holistics view on how the employees spend time. You can get all reports on whatsapp as well as websites that they are using and often, they take some breaks. The reports enable you to make a comparison between employees, so it is so easy to find some outliers & how it may relate to the actual work.

If you have a sales group, then you can use cloud call center tools that can allow you to make calls while providing the ability to track all metrics such as total count of calls as well as average time spent.

With all technologies, you can understand why some certain employees are not performing up to the desired expectations and can commence course correcting. You may need to learn whether an individual is spending time on social platforms and not getting in touch with the clients. Understand all time management tools that can raise the bar for all employees and push all of them towards the team to bring the best out of it.

Invest in remote communication tools and teach some best practices

Chances are that you can use Zoom, Google Meetings or Slack. Most of the companies assume that such digital tools they use will make the transition to a fully remote team. Therefore, usage of all tools that can help you to stay in touch with employees and can make meetings as and whenever it is required.

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Always experiment

Every team is too unique and what works for a single company to make improvements in productivity that might not work for one another. Always try to improve the remote work set-up as much as you can. Attend all remote events to grab some new set of ideas.

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