11 Reasons Why a PowerPoint Presentation is Still Effective?

Here are eleven reasons why PowerPoint is still relevant and should be used at your next meeting:

It allows you to be in charge

PowerPoint allows you to regulate the PowerPoint presentation’s flow. There will always be times when you want to direct the course of the conversation because you know the direction it should go. It’s pointless to look at Z before moving on to A and so on.

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You can also choose the topic and setting for your presentation. People will be able to see the relevance of what you’re expressing if you use colors. Using visuals and videos to accompany your words will help to convey your message.

It aids in the audience engagement.

If you have a screen with a presentation on it, you can use it. The audience will then take a look at it. That is without a doubt the case. However, it is critical that you provide the appropriate content on your slides.

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A text-heavy slide will bore your audience and prevent them from listening to you since they will prefer to read rather than listen. Using single words and visuals allows your listeners to create a mental image of what you’re saying as you’re speaking. Because people have a more comprehensive vision in their brains, they will remember it better.

It has the ability to make anything appear wonderful.

Steve Jobs, the master of the presentation, was never gone anywhere without a slide. When Steve first launched the iPhone, I thought he was joking. Before integrating the three photographs into the iPhone, he ran through them three times. With the slides, Steve Jobs could not have done it. He couldn’t have accomplished this solely through words.

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When it’s on a slide, you can make anything appear good. Pictures with excellent shadows are taken in the proper light. The extra glare was added to the images via photoshop. Your imagination is the only limit. Not to mention not fooling the viewers.

You can use the presenter view to your advantage.

The presenter view might assist you if you have a large presentation to deliver and are nervous. Yes, you should practice your presentation before giving it, but nerves are inevitable.

You can have the annotations on one screen and the presentation on another with presenter view. Making it simple to see quick notes whenever you switch to a new slide. This will assist you in remembering the main points of the sides at all times. Preparation is essential in this situation.

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It has the ability to keep YOU organized.

Some folks enjoy conversing. This frequently results in several diversions, causing them to go way above their given time or miss important points. You will be provided structure when you have a PowerPoint presentation. It will tell you what is going on right now and in the future. You’ll be able to stay on track with PowerPoint.

When it’s useful for visualizing

I used to deal with advising recruits what types of calls they would get and how they should expect them to proceed when I worked as a contact center trainer. I could imagine this going right over most people’s heads if I said it out loud. But when I used PowerPoint to make a flow chart, it was a different story. They were able to visualize the various paths that a phone conversation could follow. Making the ideas I was making more understandable to them.

After that, you can share the content.

Having a slide deck makes sharing your material afterward a breeze. Your goal is to convey a message to your audience at all times. Allowing them to take a pack with them will allow them to browse through the contents. And will also assist them to remember the crucial points related to your presentation.

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It’s Easier to Use PowerPoint

To allow users to effortlessly browse the presentation, PowerPoint uses a simple slide show design. This covers the time it takes to create the presentation and arrange your ideas on different slides, as well as the time it takes to deliver the presentation, which includes switching between slides. You can quickly jump to a certain slide to emphasize a point, or you can simply play the entire presentation in the background while explaining the contents.

Report Automation Tools

DataPoint is a PowerPoint plugin that allows users to effortlessly link their presentations to a variety of data sources, including Excel, databases, and even RSS feeds. You can use this function to automatically update your data with the most recent information on an hourly or daily basis. It provides a lot of conveniences because it assures that when you’re ready to present, you’ll have the most up-to-date sales or profitability figures in your presentation.

Your Business Reports Can Be Turned Into Videos

The ability to produce an entertaining video from your business reports is a useful tool that you can use with PowerPoint. This is a fantastic thing to have if you want to save your presentation in a fun style or share it with someone who missed it. Simply point them to a video-sharing site like YouTube, where you’ve saved the work, and they’ll be able to watch it from anywhere. To make a video, simply go to File – Save and Send – Create a Video. The file will be saved on your computer in the WMV format in a short time, and it will be able to be uploaded and shared on most video-sharing services.

Facilitates Collaboration

Unlike Excel, PowerPoint allows individuals to collaborate and work productively together. This is especially useful in an office context where collaboration is essential. A presentation can be contributed to or collaborated on by multiple team members. Simply go to the Review area and click on New Comment to write thoughts and organize them on the screen for other team members to see. Adding comments is extremely useful for clarifying things.

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