Why Entrepreneurship is not just about the BIG Idea?

Most people think that big ideas can make a business successful and take it to the new heights of success. And somewhere down, it really is. To begin painting a canvas, you must have an idea on top of your head and a picture that yo9u want to put together. The same is implemented on the businesses while setting up an idea is a key that needs to be presented here to work with and something that people want and for the person who is investing, an idea that is highly scalable.

Why Entrepreneurship is not just about the BIG Idea?

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But an enterprise is not only related to an idea. To exemplify, the director of the software company feels too anxious while selling the product to the customers directly. He/she loves to develop some product and also, enjoys speaking or exploring all products to all potential clients as he truly trusted the same. However, when it comes to the “asking”, then the person gets freezed, bumble and dumble and even, not able to ask for selling products at all. The Chief Executive Officer of a business firm explained how difficult it is to sell the products and spread new products in the market. The director of the start-up company always focuses on fulfilling the goals of the business but struggles to find some employees while pitching on employees without disclosing the whole picture.

Why Entrepreneurship is not just about the BIG Idea?

But is it only related to an idea? Of course, it’s not. It is regarding the execution of the idea and turning it in the living and a viable firm is the frightening one. So, how do a thinker or an idea-oriented person, become a doer and try to raise some money? How do that person hire or fire a person & pitch for some investors to kickstart their business?

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Here, we have three steps to do the same. Let us take a look at the same below:

  1. Recognize and owe the challenges: no person likes to admit all weaknesses & faults at once, but to improve the same, we have to do it. Each successful business owner recognizes the significance of the necessities but feels like it is a difficult task and in some cases, there are a lot of things that they need to ignore about the business detriment.
  2. Embrace mission: The second highlighted idea is to embrace all purposes and missions as it is going to provide you all courage and motivation to make some necessary leap. To exemplify, the CEO at Clara Labs said t5hat it is all about the conviction power with respect to that of acting outside the comfort zone as a director, especially when it comes to fundraising. Aware of the fact that it is good and you should know what you’re exactly doing and it exists across the globe. Conviction is a feeling deep down about what you’re doing and the pain is too deep to get the profit. Mentioning the inherent challenges, most of the tasks present in budding business owners, having conviction as a crucial part of the whole puzzle.
  3. Finding your way: The final step is to find your own way as there is no such particular strategy that fits in all sorts and nature of businesses. No such “one size fits all” strategy is here to act outside the zones of the comfortness. To exemplify, if you want to pitch for the investors but don’t like to ask for money, then script the first line of the message or you can guide your colleague who is more confident than you or can pitch better than you. Remember your motive all the time before getting into the room, thus keep your purpose on top of your head that makes it easy to go for asking pitch. Whatever it is, you can find your own path to manage all necessities but some hard moments. The entrepreneurs who are good at going out of their comfort zone are able to explore some good ways that should be effective, with no loss in the procedure.

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These are some of the major steps that one should take to understand that being an Entrepreneur is not about developing ideas, it is about profitability and how to kick start the business. Therefore, there are a lot of things to do in business when it comes to running it in a smooth manner. 

The bottom line

At the very end, it is not just about an idea. For most people, it is something that occurs internally, it is the journey of a person to go from being shy to having courage to deal with all challenges. An entrepreneur should stay ready to do some things that the person has never done before at all. Entrepreneurship is a whole journey and every person goes through it in a different manner. All you require to do is make efforts and achieve success at the end of the journey.

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