Why is Education Important for Females? 11 Points

Have you ever asked such a basic question to yourself: what is education? Why is it so important? What is the meaning of it? Is it so basic for every person, whether male or female? All such questions make sense and do not indicate any racism at all. Even asking about how important education is for women is a wholly prejudiced opinion. It makes us think that men have all the right to education as they are not females.

Why is Education Important for Females?

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The term education is so wide but we can explain it in a single sentence “Education is the whole growth and development of a person.” Education makes us capable of acquiring all new sets of skills and able to confabulate with other people in a very good manner. Education is the first ever right of all people and thus, while offering education amenities, we ought not to discriminate among all genders or sex. Unluckily, tjis discrimination is so prevalent in some parts of the globe and thus, it is a requirement to let others understand that women deserves to get educated & it’s the basic right to everyone like men.

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Why is Education Important for Females? 11 Points

Here, we are going to elaborate on all pointers that would be helpful to know the significance of education for women. Let us take a look at these below.

  1. Basic right: First off, the basic right to get education for every person, no matter what the gender or sex is. When we are talking about basic rights, then we never forget to consider women here as they are also an integral part of this globe. Society as a vast population of females and cannot be such a large crowd as not educated, it’ll be a huge loss for us. All girls as well as women doesn’t matter rich, married, poor, young, widor or someone else, or with some social status have all basic education right. Education is not a privilege but it is a fundamental right for all of us.
  2. Increased Literacy: For around 163+ million illiterate people all around the world, around 63% are females. Proffering all education to children will prop up the rates of literacy, pushing all development in all struggling nations.
  3. Human Trafficking: The most vulnerable one in trafficking is Women when they are non-educated and not so rich, as per the UN Inter-Agency Project based on Human Trafficking. By offering opportunities to the young girls and with basic skills, the billion-dollar industry can be undermined significantly.
  4. Bring social equality: Discrimination & Inequality always begin from the roots. When a boy goes to the school & sister sits at home because she is not a boy and it leads to sow a seed of gender discrimination that has no logic at all. When a woman partakes in education by starting schooling and going to college along with boys, then it does make sense at all to prove the same. Thus, they make the education of women so complex and promote men all the time.
  5. Political Rep: All around the globe, females are underrepresented due to the restrictions imposed on them at the time of voting. The women’s program of the United Nations on participation & leadership advises on civic education, providing training & empowering women to ease this major gap.
  6. Emerging Babies: According to the Girls’ Education Initiative by the United Nations, they found that children of the literate mothers are more likely to survive and the gap is about five years. Foreign aid for all schoolhouses as well as curriculum development is highly beneficial for all East African nations of Burundi, where about 16K kids die each year.
  7. Safe Sex: a girl who just done with primary school is less likely to get affected by HIV. With three times less contraction with HIV, one in three girls getting married before reaching eighteen years of age.
  8. Smaller families: fertility rates have reduced as the time goes due to the increase in the school participation. In Mali, women who have done at least secondary education or more have not more than three kids and on the other side, an illiterate woman has seven children.
  9. Independent: Education empowers the wallet of a woman by boosting the earning capabilities. As per the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization(UNESCO), a single year of education leads to an increase in the wage rate of the girls later in their life, by twenty percent.
  10. Increase in GDP: Gross Domestic Product soars when the girls as well as boys are offered with all educational opportunities. When the attendance of women increases by ten percent, then it increases GDP by three times on average.
  11. Reduce Poverty: When a woman has been provided with all equal rights and access to education, then they go on to partake in the business as well as economic activities. Increased power of earning & income combat against present and future poverty via feeding, clothing & offering for the whole family.

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