6 Reasons Why Technology cannot replace Teachers

6 Reasons Why technology cannot replace teachers: As technology has become a normal day thing in every aspect of life, so we are living almost in the world of future. Technology is the key element of everything present today. Say it finance, business, education, health and entertainment, technology is everywhere. Especially in education system, technology is changing everything about it. Those days has gone when kids used to go to schools and they were taught by the teachers.

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Now every student is becoming master of every subject without going to the school or any educational institute. Now students don’t need any kinds of pen or pencil as a software can do all the stuff by itself. Also one doesn’t need any kind of physical paper or book, a pdf or ebook can do the job for them. Technology has facilitated learning process so much that education system is going to change very soon. But the question of the hour is that

“Can technology replace teachers?”

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Is this typical technology, is that much capable that it can replace a human mind or a teacher when it comes to teaching a student. Yes of course technology can make it very easy for students to understand a particular topic. And just by sitting at home they can learn more that was never possible before this time. But if you asking this question whether a technology can replace a teacher then the answer is very quick and easy to say that a big “NO”. Technology can never replace a teacher. We have jotted few of the reasons why it is not possible.

6 Reasons Why technology cannot replace Teachers


When a teacher shares his knowledge with his students, then he creates a trust among those students. This trust is responsible for the students to go over their limits and to achieve something miraculous in their life. I know many students who still trust their teachers after passing their degree that they are still in tough with them and whenever they face any dilemma in life, they ask their teachers what to do about that situation.

So it is because of the trust they have on their teachers and when you talk about technology, it can never create a trust between student and technology.

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When kids start growing, and when they are in their early ages. They need someone to listen to them. Empathy is that ability when a teacher puts himself in place of the student and feels what student feels like. In this way, he connects with student and tries to solve his problems. Can you aspect same thing with the technology, I guess never because a teacher tries everything to teach his student to the best level.

With the help of technology, one can get best and updated information available but when it comes to empathy then technology can never replace teachers.

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There is always a relationship between teacher and a student. They can be like friends, brothers and father-son relationship and when this bond becomes stronger then student learns faster than ever. In Indian culture, there is always a deeper relationship among teacher and students and teachers are considered above than the almighty God.

Because a teacher can make a student a wise person and also a teacher can make it possible to teach worst student and can turn him/her in a wise person. Technology can never create a relationship with the students. The reason is quite obvious because it is all about the feelings that technology can never create by itself.

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Teachers are just not a person who teaches you about any topics or the one who solves your math’s problems. He a person to whom you look up to and take inspiration from. It is the power of inspiration that a student can become the best version of himself. We all are always eager to find someone from whom we can take inspiration and if it is our teacher then there can be nothing like that. Your technical eBooks and software can never your inspiration. A human is the only inspiration for any person.

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It’s not just about information

Technology can only give you a piece of information. But do you really think that education is just about some random information or there is always a big space for someone who can guide you that how to use this information in your real life. When you learn from a teacher, you also start learning that how to tackle real life problems. And if you really want to learn the real meaning of life then a teacher is the best option one should opt for.

Doubt solving ability

And if you are not agreeing to the any point mentioned above then this doubt solving ability of a teacher will make you agree for sure. I am not sure that is there any kind of technology available in the market where software can solve doubts of students. The reason is quite obvious because software or any artificial intelligence technology is nothing but a bunch of code that too came from a human mind.

So when a student asks any question that is not present in the algorithm of the software then it will not be able to answer anything. And here comes the role of a teacher who can actually listen and solve the problem of students.

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So if you are dreaming that technology can replace teachers then my dear friend, you are in big illusion. Because there can never be a best teacher other than humans and if you think that it is technology then it can never happen.

So these were some points that technology can never replace teacher. If you have any other points to add then comment below, we will surely add them to the list. And if you liked our article then please share it with your friends. And if you have any question regarding this then please ask us by commenting below.

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